Usoa Arregui

Usoa is a versatile executive and team coach who has a firm approach but relates to her coachees closely. Both her individual clients and teams thrive by connecting with their vulnerability, authenticity, and self-esteem, and achieve very high levels of performance as a result of transforming the way they build trust through their communication. She has over 20 years of experience both in senior positions in legal firms in the international corporate environment and as an executive and team coach, designing and executing transformational learning experiences for individuals, teams, and leaders.

Besides being an expert executive and team coach, Usoa is particularly interested in the power of trust to bring leadership and team development to a higher level. Some of her clients have described their experience with her as “an epiphany about the world and myself, transforming problems into opportunities with tangible and meaningful results”.

Usoa has a Degree in Law and Economics. She holds a PCC with the International Coaching Federation, is certified in Sikkhona, Bridge Model, Leadership by Values, Coaching for Values, mentoring and in the advanced level of individual and team Systemic Coaching HS. She is also qualified in NonViolent communication, The Coaching Game, Convergent Decisions by Miki Kashtan, and The Internal Management team.

Usoa speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian, Basque and Catalan.

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Spanish, Basque, French, English, Italian, Catalan

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